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Have you noticed an upward spike of TV shows revolving around mature characters in their 30s and up?  In the last 10 years I’ve seen a noticeable  increase in programs with older characters and a decline in teen oriented shows.  More shows like The Good Wife, Dexter, Weeds, House, The Closer, Breaking Bad etc. dominate TV than its CW counterparts like The Secret Circle and The Vampire Diaries.  I feel like there was a time when teen oriented shows  such as Dawson’s Creek, Beverly Hills 90210, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Party of Five and Felicity eclipsed all other shows.

Well it turns out I’m not imagining this trend!

According to the latest Neilson study on television trends, although Americans spend an average of 4 1/2 hours a day watching TV, more and more youth are turning to alternative media for entertainment.  The demographic that’s watching TV is for the most part 35 and older, and that demographic is watching more TV!  This clearly explains the popularity of these shows centered around older characters.

I think there is a really positive message here for actors.  There was a time when Hollywood made even the 25 year old actor feel old.   I believe now there’s room for actors to hone their skills as they gain experience in their youth and mature into opportunities where they can play principle roles or even leads on TV shows in their 30s and 40s.  Julianna Margulies is one of many actors in her 40s who did just that!


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actor headshotJosiah Authier: Detective / Love Interest / Guy’s Night Out / BBQ Dad

Samantha Guarders: Office Girl / Love Interest

theatrical headshotTony Czech: Quirky Office / BBQ Dad / Villain

commercial headshotMelissa Ratner: Quirky Office Girl / Lawyer / Victim

headshotsTanedra Howard: Upscale Professional / Casual Mom / Urban Hip

actress headshotJoAnna DeCastro: Athletic / Girl Next Door

los angeles headshotsShelby Richardson: Girls’ Night Out / Fitness

headshot photographerAdam Ray: Hipster / Middle Management

los angeles actressCarolina Roberts: Fashionista / Fitness

headshots portraitsChristie Griffin: Leading / Heroine / Creative Professional

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  • Tom K.

    Stunning photography on display here. Brilliant realy.

  • Thomas Riker

    This is very encouraging for us baby boomers who are just “testing the waters’ but bring a lifetime of experiences to the table. The demographics make a lot of sense. Let the “kids” have the internet as we will continue to huddle around our televisions.

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