Finding Loyalty in Hollywood


[Headshots For Actors by Vanie]

My last blog of the year! I’m super excited about this one.

I first saw Colleen Wainwright speak back in 2011 at a three-day photography seminar for ASMP, the American Society of Media Photographers, of which I’m a member.  The audience was packed with more than three hundred photographers, and Colleen had us all enthralled.

Not only was she incredibly inspiring as a speaker, but she also had real insight on social media and marketing– something she is quite the expert at.  In fact, if you’ve been following my blog for some time, you’ll notice a change that took place in the the way I blog (for the better) back in 2011 thanks to what I learned from Colleen!

Great-headshots-Los-AngelesCindy Chavez: Office Girl / BBQ Mom / Sexy

Headshots-for-actors-LALarry Waldinger: County Club Dad / Upscale Business

Los-Angeles-Kids-headshotsMarietta Melrose: Student / Fashionista

I WAS PERUSING HER WEBSITE as I usually do from time to time, and I clicked on a link called “A (true) story of loyalty in Hollywood,” and not surprisingly, found myself reading a very moving and inspiring story.

A must read for actors, so if you click on the link now and don’t come back to finish this post, I won’t be offended!


Wendy Lee: Hipster / Villain

You see, Colleen was a successful actress herself for 10 years before moving into speaking and teaching other creatives how to make money doing what they love.

And BEFORE being an actress, she was an award winning TV copywriter for ads!  Talk about a success story.  Is there any mountain this woman can’t climb?

Great-headshots-Los-AngelesSusan Rimel: Student / Hipster / Helpful Employee / Love Interest


Ryan Simantel: Silicon Valley / Substance Abuser

AS I’VE RUN INTO COLLEEN FROM TIME TO TIME AT ASMP EVENTS, I’ve come to learn that she has a column dedicated specifically for actors, as well as a monthly newsletter full of amazing tips, tools, and resources.

Right now, Colleen is at the top of my smart people list.   She’s a genuine person you can truly learn and benefit from, so I suggest you follow her on twitter, friend her on Facebook or whatever, but just make her a part of your life!


Headshot-photographers-Los-AngelesCrystal Bush: Quirky Secretary / Urban Hip


Jennifer Marshall: Casual Mom / Upscale Business

Los-Angeles-Actor-headshotsKathryn Leeman: Outdoorsy Mom / Casual Office

Los-Angeles-Actress-headshotsAbel Vivas: Computer Tech / Love Interest


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    I love these photos. The last one the most I think. So true and real, such a classic beauty! Lovely post, i like your blog 🙂


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