How to stand out from the crowd

[Actors Headshots by Vanie]

I recently had a Birthday over the Holidays (turned 21 ;-))

and received a ton of birthday wishes on Facebook.  Though there is something superficial about Facebook friends wishing you a happy birthday, it still somehow feels good when people take a moment to do so.  I don’t have a huge social life, so in a funny way, it made me feel like people thought about me and I existed!

Allison Akmajian: Period / Student / Customer Service

Frank S: Country Club / Villain

Courtney South:  Period Secretary / Hayley Pendergrass: Troubled Teen

WHEN I GOT BACK INTO THE STUDIO AFTER THE HOLIDAY BREAK, much to my surprise, one of my clients had sent me a Birthday card in the mail.

Yes, an actual Birthday card snail mailed!

I felt so many things at once.

Michael Kostroff: Lawyer / Nosy Neighbor / Deli Owner (blue collar)

I was shocked that a client, almost a stranger, would take the time to purchase a card, write in it, and mail it.  WOW, did it feel good!

Obviously, the information about my birthday was available to them on Facebook, but they chose to take wishing me a Happy Birthday a step further than everyone else.

Well, I will now forever remember that client and forever be honored that they appreciate me.

Esther Mira: Girl Next Door Best Friend

Jasmine Akakpo: Fitness / Athletic

Tosh Szanto: Detective / BBQ Dad

WHAT DO YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN if you did the same with every Casting Director, Agent, and Producer you meet and friend on Facebook?

I can tell you one thing for certain, you won’t be just another actor looking for work!  You will forever be etched in their brain as someone who is thoughtful and willing to go the extra mile.  You will be remembered.

After all, isn’t that the point?

Renee Foresman: Country Western / FBI Agent / Best Friend

Shelby Miguel: Love Interest / Edgy Heroine in the making

Jorge-Luis Pallo: Detective


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  1. Thomas Riker

    Hi Vanie So nice to hear and read from you. Hope you are well
    I have been busy with my background work. I posted your site..but I don’t have a huge following lol Be well!

  2. jackie Spell

    Totally enjoy your blog and this article. Thank you for sharing. I may not be an actress but I know the feeling of receiving wishes in the mail… Totally delightful and fuzzy!

  3. Tom K.

    Incredibly beautiful images. I jump up and down every time you post new photos. You work hard and man oh man does it ever show.

  4. SiBelle Israel

    You always have been and always will be an amazing example to all of us of extraordinary work ethic, intelligence, intuitiveness, a leader, talented artist (in more than one facet), and a beautiful person with a great heart! It truly takes someone like you to appreciate this small but significant gesture from your client and know that it would be helpful information to so many actors and other business people! Thanks for sharing your inner most thoughts and for your intentions which are always to give 100 million percent of yourself to those around you! I am proud to call you my friend! Xo


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