Who You Should Never Take Advice from on Social Media

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When it comes to your career, if you hang out with amateurs, it’s safe to say you’ll stay an amateur.

If you want to continue moving the needle forward, you’ll need to surround yourself with people who are already at the level you want to be at.

These are the people who can properly advise you and guide you to the same place.

Jennifer Mabry: Suburban Mom / Boho Mom

Kevin Deegan: Office Guy / Kathy Young: Upscale Business

THE BUSINESS OF ACTING IS HARD to navigate, but with all the free content on social media, it’s easy to find a lot of the answers to questions you might have.

There are all kinds of professionals from acting coaches and CDs, to reps to career coaches, providing free webinars or Instagram Q&A sessions where you can learn how to take small steps towards your big goals.

Gregory Gorden: BBQ Dad / Creative Tech

While it’s great to have such a broad spectrum of professionals to turn to for advice, there’s also a lot of noise on social media.

IT CAN BE TRICKY TO FIND RELIABLE SOURCES to seek out information from.

It’s easy to land on a page that’s popular or setup in a professional way, but where amateurs are dishing out advice to one another.

Susan Irby: Lawyer / Girls’ Night Out

Jeffrey Podany: Young Executive / Lisa James: Suburban Mom

Justin Libby: Preppy Country Club / Anti-Hero

These are the groups you want to avoid–

Unless you understand to take amateur advice with a grain of salt.

If you’re a novice, however, you don’t know what you don’t know, so the danger becomes taking bad advice from amateurs who are not plugged into the industry and don’t know what industry standards are.

Instead, they have plenty of time to spend in such groups giving out their personal opinion.

SOMETIMES even people who are self-proclaimed pros dish out wrong advice!

I’m always getting questions in my inbox on IG asking if I agree with this “pro” or that “pro”. A lot of times, I don’t– and I have experience to back up my advice!

👉🏻Watch this reel on IG about one “pro” giving out incorrect advice about costumes in headshots and my response. Then read all the comments below from agents and managers agreeing with my position.

Upasna Kumar: Love Interest / Hip Best Friend

The truth is, it’s easy to declare yourself an expert and start dishing out advice on social media; there are no credentials needed.

GETTING BAD ADVICE CAN LEAD TO BAD DECISIONS, but also can cause confusion when up against professionals who contradict that advice.

To make sure you don’t end up taking advice from amateurs, make sure the people you take advice from have credibility. ALWAYS research their background!! Do they have credits on IMDb? Do they have trusted sources following them and interacting with them?

When fellow thespians and professionals are singing their praises, you know that individual has credibility in the industry.

Douglas Hachiya: Gamer / Glen Fernandez: Cretive Professional

Lori Hashi: Love Interest / Leann Von Mol: Love Interest

When joining groups, make sure you are joining a group that is run by a professional in the industry.

Make sure that they provide content through the group, even if there is a lot of interaction between members.

The members of these groups are learning from the pros and helping relay that message to one another. Also, these members have something vested in their career by investing to work with a pro.✅

Stay away from amateur advice and start learning from Pros with reputations. In the end, you are only as good as the actions you take based on advice you’re getting.


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