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Short answer?

Because with over 20 years experience, my knowledge of industry standards gives me the ability to provide you with headshots that get results rather than getting you an agent who says “please re-shoot”.  Simply put, having to re-shoot will end up costing you more in the long run.

Or Long Answer?

  • I run a business, so I’m constantly re-investing in my craft, my livelihood, by continuing my education to ensure I’m always up to speed on the latest trends, technology and equipment.
  • I carry insurance. Your digital data is backed up in three different places. Your files are safe and kept forever.
  • Not only do I have the ability to put you at ease, but I have the ability to give you consistent results. I don’t stumble upon great images.
  • My experience allows me to clearly define and bring to light what you’re asking for.
  • You can trust me to be a professional. I’m on time, I don’t cancel (unless I’m deathly sick) and I’m accessible before, during and long after your session.



Our headshot sessions are never weather dependent. We shoot acting headshots using natural light, so when Mother Nature doesn’t quite cooperate, we’ve bought the same lights motion picture studios use to emulate daylight. This means no last minute cancellations because of dreary weather.  After all, you’ve been planning this date for some time… your schedule has been cleared, you’re mentally prepared, and we’re ready to give you the awesome experience you expect!



Agents and managers need headshots with specific character types that define your age range and target market. If you don’t already have an agent who has given you notes, or if you do have notes but don’t know what to do about wardrobe, we’re here to help.  During our complimentary, NO OBLIGATION, phone or Skype consultation, I help by providing you with both, a specific list of trending looks just for you and, resources to help with wardrobe! After all, if you have a game plan in place, you’ll have a successful session!


You’ve come to us for our look, our style.  A lot of that magic is our ‘secret sauce’ that gets added to your headshots in post. This is why we don’t turn over our Hi-Rez files so that your “friend” can do the retouching. Uhum, with all due respect, your friend doesn’t have my stamp, he doesn’t have my skills, my vision to color correct, retouch, apply the proper post necessary for printing, not to mention his job title is not photographer. It’s like asking a painter whose work you love not to finish a painting cuz you’d rather put the finishing touches on the canvas yourself!



How many people a day do you photograph?
Usually one.  Rarely two.  But don’t worry, you’ll never feel rushed or run into another client.

Do you use natural light or studio lighting?
I use natural lighting for both environmental and in-studio setups for actors. I use studio lighting only for corporate clients.

Are your sessions indoors or outdoors?
Both. Mostly indoors and sometimes outdoors (weather permitting). It’s up to your preference of course!

Do you provide professional makeup & hair and do I have to use your team?
Yes, I provide a professional makeup artist and I require you use my peeps.  What’s that you ask?  Why do I require you use my makeup artists?  To ensure that I’m working with my efficient team, trained based on my needs, so that I’m able to deliver results consistent with what you see in my portfolio and give you the best experience possible. My makeup artists stay with you during your entire session.
Arrive with your hair already styled and the MUA will provide light hair. Full hair styling is also available for an additional fee.

Is makeup required?
I require the makeup artist for women (for my shoots) and highly recommend it for men. For Kayvon’s shoots, men or women may come in makeup ready but if you’d like someone with you during the shoot, we require you work with our own team.

Can your makeup artist do well on black skin?
Hell yes! I’m super hands on with hand picking my MUAs. I’m also a picky person myself so I understand how to cater to people who have specific and real concerns from past bad experiences. I meet with makeup artists first and inspect their products to make sure they are pros and not “fakeup artists”🤪. Then I provide them with a list of preferences and formulas specifically geared towards our style so that all my girls give you consistent results!

Can I trust your makeup artist not to do too much?
Yes again! Too much makeup is a very common problem and one of the top reason’s I see agents ask for re-shoots. For this reason, I’m super hands on and involved in the process. After we apply the “industry standard” which is very light and natural, we always ask if we did anything you wouldn’t do or vice versa. It’s a collaborative environment and not one where we claim to know best. Your preferences need to be taken into consideration right?

What is your availability?
I’m booked roughly 4-6 weeks in advance while my associate photographer has availability within 2-3 weeks. I also have a wait list which moves frequently. Once you reserve a date, if you’re interested, we’ll add you to the list which means we’ll contact you when there’s an opening sooner.

What is your turn around time?
Your web gallery is delivered in 1 business day and your retouched files are delivered in 5-7 business days.

When can we have a consultation?
Please email me for our consultation info.

What kind of clothing should I bring to my headshot session?
A wardrobe guideline is emailed to you once you a book a session with me. You can also receive our very detailed wardrobe tips by filling out the “Wardrobe Tips” form.  You may also want to browse my blog for visual references on specific looks and wardrobe ideas.  Each marketing look is labeled, making it easy to identify what clothing to pair with each look.

What discounts do you offer?
We offer a variety of discounts, the biggest one of which is the Friend Session discount. This is where you and a friend shoot together on the same day, and purchase the same package, to receive a $100 discount each.

Anything else I should know about?
Well since you asked…  to reserve a date on the calendar, I take a non refundable $200 reservation fee which applies towards your session.  Don’t worry, you’ll receive a complete list of my Terms & Conditions when you book your session, before paying your deposit.  It outlines everything from how I handle re-shoot requests, time allotted for each package & my policies on cancellations. Oh and a little personal tidbit, I prefer email over texts because I can’t mark a texts unread and seem to forget about them!

*Because answers to some questions are often individual and vary for each person, any other questions can be answered with a quick phone call.

Whew, okay that was a lot of info, but are you ready now?  Great!  Please contact me by phone or by email and let’s get this party started!

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