8 Questions To Ask When Shopping For Headshots


[Headshots in Los Angeles by Vanie]

When I get calls from potential clients, I often only hear one question: “What is your price?”

Price is certainly a factor in choosing a headshot photographer, but what are some other questions to ask while shopping around?  To compare apples to apples, it’s important to also ask what the headshot package includes for the price.

The following are a list of additional questions that should be on your list when shopping around!

  1. How long is the session?
  2. How many final images will I receive?
  3. How many marketing looks?
  4. How and when will I view my images?
  5. Will I receive low resolution files for online use?  Files for 4×6 proofs?
  6. How much are high resolution files for making hard copy 8x10s?
  7. How much is retouching?
  8. Is hair and makeup included?




Marielle Scott:  Office Girl / Urban Hip


Matthew Josten: Student / Jock / Computer Tech / Bully


Leo Triana: Guy’s Night Out / Hero / Urban Hip / Best Friend


Anna Lennes: Secretary / Lawyer / Casual Mom / Love Interest


Cwennen Corral: Upscale Mom / Lawyer

Kelley Jackson: Upscale Socialite / Creative Professional / Suburban Mom / Office Girl


Brian Easter: Athletic / Sidekick


Juliet Rusche: Hip / Studious Kids Headshots


Deon Jones: Flamboyant Professional / Best Friend / Middle Management / Urban Hip


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  1. keith carey

    I like the you shots Vanie.. It’s clear and the color is very cool in the eyes.. So, clients will never be disappointed with your shots..

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  2. Tom K.

    No one in America does better headshot work than Vanie Poyey. That is just a cold, hard, fact.

  3. Venk Modur

    Working with Vanie Poyey was a great experience. She understands pulling out the best in an actor!


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