You’re Not The Lead Just Because Your Headshots Say So

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The look I talk most people out of photographing

is the lead, whether in the form of the Love Interest or the Hero.

The two elements that decide what characters you’re able to sell are 1, your look and 2, your essence. NOT how you’re able to photograph.

Lucas Ethington: Anti-Hero / Olivia Harrington: Heroine

It takes a great deal of self awareness to understand what you can sell to the general public and how you are perceived. If you don’t have that self awareness, what makes it difficult for to figure this out is the fact that actors are constantly being photographed to look good.

Los Angeles Headshots

Ashley Wickett: Love Interest / Patrick Lane: Lawyer

Headshots Los Angeles

Jessica Nordling: Edgy Blue Collar / Creative Professional / Heroine

THE PROBLEM IS, ANYONE CAN BE PHOTOGRAPHED TO LOOK GOOD. As an actor, you have to get past your vanity and your perception of what a good headshot is. A good headshot isn’t one that makes you good looking. A good headshot is one that represents you as you are, including your essence- in the form of your personality.

Kathy McGraw: Upscale Business-Judge / Outdoorsy Mom

Los Angeles Actress Headshot

Cheryl Francis Harrington: The Politician / Nosy Neighbor

If you happen to have great cheekbones and a structured face which makes it easy to photograph “good looking”, that doesn’t mean you can play the lead if your essence can’t support it.

LA headshot

Deirdre Brand: Girls’ Night Out / Creative Professional

How you avoid this mistake

is by having a clearly defined brand that represents you. So if you’re slightly off, nerdy, different, quirky or whatever adjective you are, be sure to stick to looks that support that brand even if you can and or want to look hot on camera.

Headshot Los Angeles

Jordan Lams: Security Guard / Country Club

If you’re not that introspective or self-aware, the best way to figure out your over-arching brand is to ask the professionals. NOT YOUR FRIENDS. Your friends will be nice and they’ll tell you what you want to hear.

Headshot Photographer Los Angeles

Isabella Fehlandt: Best Friend / Heroine


Sheri Crarruthers: Blue Collar/Love Interest

The professionals will give you the brutal truth. The truth will help your career.

SOME OF MY FAVORITE PROFESSIONALS helping actors define their brand are Melissa at Rock Your Reel, and Kaz & Jackie at Line Runner Tapes. Connect with people like them and take at least one branding class before your next headshot session!

Los Angeles corporate headshot photography

Robert Naturman: Office Guy / Detective

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