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I’ve had a few clients ask for wardrobe samples for each marketing look presented in one place.  So, drumroll please… here it is!  Of course there are plenty more looks but these are some of the basics.  To get a well rounded idea of what wardrobe works best for each look, I highly recommend going through the photo samples underneath more articles on my blog and not relying only on this list.


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Guy/Girl Next Door Category:

  1. Hipster
  2. Love Interest
  3. Best Friend/Sidekick
  4. Night Out
  5. Athletic

Dad/Mom Category:

  1. Blue Collar
  2. Suburban
  3. BBQ
  4. Country Club

Business Category:

  1. Helpful Employee
  2. Creative Professional
  3. Casual
  4. Upscale

Edgy Category:

  1. Hero/Antihero
  2. Villain
  3. Victim/Street
  4. Urban/Hip

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  • Bob

    Love your blogand I like to use it as an example for the theater students I shoot, especially the collages of actors in their various types.. Thank you for all the tips.

    FYI, the links to your instagram page aren’t working. I assume you may have changed your insta name between then and now, but thought I should give you a heads up.

    • Vanie Poyey

      Thanks for the heads up Bob, you are right!

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