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You caught the attention of an agent, and they want to meet you in PERSON!

So… what now?

Your meeting with a talent agent or manager is much more than a casual meet-and-greet, so it’s SUPER important to be prepared and treat it just as you would an audition.

I recently sat down with Chris Giovanni, talent manager for CGEM Talent, to get his take on the top ten things you can do to make an unforgettable impression and absolutely NAIL your meeting.




1. Research who you are interviewing.
2. Communicate your career needs.
3. Always have comedic AND dramatic monologues ready.
4. Talk about your special skills.
5. Don’t fret– just be YOU and exude confidence!
6. Understand the business of acting before attending a meeting.
7. Show your worth, not desperation.
8. Don’t gossip about other reps!
9. Prepare questions to ask in advance.
10. Do NOT pay reps upfront.


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Bryan Marcos: Fitness/Friend

Caitlin Brockell: Lawyer / Blue Collar Mom

David Tom: Office Guy / Detective

Ernesto Castellanos: Jock / Lydia Folckomer: Best Friend

Lorraine Lerner: Lawyer / Blue Collar / Hip Musician

Natalie Sadie: Office Girl / Love Interest

Nicole B. Dalton: Student / Gamer

Ryan Robbins: Medical Professional / Outdoorsy Grandma

Pedro Rollo: Creative Professional / Valerie Spencer: Upscale Country Club

Brian Palatucci: Guys’ Night Out / Quirky Office Guy / Hip Friend

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