Different Looks Didn’t Work For You So Now You Should Get General Headshots, Right?

[Los Angeles Headshots by Vanie]

You’ve done the whole “different looks” thing

multiple times and it didn’t work for you so you’re over it. How “over it” are you? Tell me in the comments below.

And now you’re going for “general” headshots.

Well– wait a minute, I bet you haven’t really done the “different looks” thing at all! Different looks DOES NOT mean changing outfits and giving the same sexy face in each one!

Bruce Baker: Western / 70’s Blue Collar / Detective

Caroline O’Neil: Upscale Business – Lawyer / Blue Collar Mom

I can’t tell you how many people come to me and COMPLAIN about specific looks not working for them, and when I look at their photos, I’m astounded at the lack of looks they actually have, but that they think they got.

Jamon Randolph: Casual Business – Computer Tech / Phil Berry: Upscale Business – Politician

Jessica Demasi: Heroine / Fitness / Creative Professional

MOST OF THE TIME these are the same people who don’t want to really commit to the idea of different looks. It all comes down to vanity–once again. When you change outfits to convey a different look, you also need to change the essence of the character, or it won’t work.

The Mom cannot have the same sultry, seductive essence as the Love Interest.

HELLO?! Of course it’s not going to work to show casting directors “sexy” in a Mom outfit!

By doing so, you’re sending a contradictory message in your image. On one hand, you’re communicating you’re sexy; on the other hand, your outfit totally does not match sexy!

Loren Escandon: BBQ Mom / Edgy Heroine / Blue Collar – Down On Her Luck

Diana Hart: Country Club / Suburban Mom

Your brand isn’t clear, so you give them an excuse to move on to the next shot.

The Blue Collar Guy cannot have the SAME confident charm as the Leading Man. You get the idea. Had this problem? Tell me more in the comments below.

Kirsten Wagstaff: Edgy Drug Addict / Creative Professional / Love Interest

Ty’Yir Taylor: Urban Hip / Studious Student?


Different looks are what the market demands right now, and you can’t fight market demand. As a business owner of your own self, if you want to sell your product YOU, you have to give the market what it wants.

DIFFERENT LOOKS. And you have to do this very clearly.

Always make sure the lighting, the outfit, the backdrop, and most importantly, your essence, convey the same message. Don’t make the mistake of going for “general” headshots and wasting your money. Instead, do your homework and understand exactly what different looks really look like! See samples below.

Porchea Carrol: BBQ Mom / Casual Business – Secretary / Detective

Silvia De’Leonardis: Creative Professional / Bohemian

Let’s keep the conversation going below, shall we? If you’ve had these very thoughts, I’m happy to shed more light on the matter.


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  1. Kathy Wargo

    I like your articles, but what about the 65 and over group. I have been in background for a long time. Way over do for headshots. Any great ideas.

    • Vanie Poyey

      Hi Kathy,
      Check out an article called “Popular Headshot Marketing Looks Trending Today.”


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