5 Things a Pro Headshot Photographer Should Bring to the Table

[Best Headshot Photographers Los Angeles 2022 –Vanie]


  • Direction:   I tend to be a big director behind the camera, and encourage interaction so that you are very much a part of the shooting process.  This is truly the only way to bring out personality.
  • Professional Makeup:  Having your makeup professionally done is ESSENTIAL when it comes to headshots.  Coverage for camera is very different than every day coverage.
  • A Wardrobe List:  There are certain colors that stand out more than others, especially since most casting is done online.   I would highly recommend following the guidelines set forth by your photographer so as to not limit him/her on the technical end.
  • Marketing Suggestions:  Generally, if you have an agent, you’ve been given a list of “looks” that your agent would like you to capture in your photo session.  If not, your photographer should be able to give you some idea as to what marketing looks BEST fit your stereotype.
  • An Open Mind:  Every photographer should have your best interest in mind.  I personally tend to be very sensitive to your needs and your comfort zone.  I don’t believe in imposing my style or my opinions.  I listen and deliver what you are asking for.
  • A Fun & Professional Environment:  I’m there when I’m supposed to be.  I don’t believe in picking up calls on YOUR time and like to give you my full attention.  Energy is important, so my baggage gets checked out when I’m with you, and I make your day fun!



Carly Turro: Romantic Lead (Girl Next Door) / Larson Rainer: Hip Friend (Guy Next Door)

Matai Anastasia Morris: Dancer

Adrian Maddox: Military / Christi Romansky: Down and Out Edgy

Maya Brown: Love Interest / Hipster

Dominick MacNichols: Prep School Student / Hip Urban / Best Friend


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  1. Tom K.

    When you mentioned make-up being essential….does that include make-up for men?

    Wonderful blog btw. Your head shots are really the gold standard. The epitome of what a head shot should be.

    Tom K.


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