Readers’ Choice Award: LA’s Favorite Headshot Photographer, Vanie Poyey

hollywood headshot photographer

[Readers’ Choice Award Winner, Vanie]

I wanted to thank you

for taking the time to vote for the Reader’s Choice Award. I’m THRILLED to have won LA’s favorite headshot photographer!

It is truly an honor and makes me feel appreciated.

Read the Backstage Interview with me here.  Be sure to scroll down to the “headshot photographer” section.

Also, I wanted to thank Matt Ryan, Melissa Guillaume, Charles Allen, and Jennifer Shumaker for giving me nothing but accolades when interviewed about their experience with me.



hollywood headshot photographer

Kayvon Esmaili (my associate photographer): Hero / Backyard BBQ Dad / Business

Headshot Photographer LA

Marquisha Walker:  Hipster / Girls’ Night Out

Best headshot photographers Los Angeles

Tierney Dale:  Best Friend / Victim

Luke Floyd:  Sidekick / Young Professional / Hero / Country Club Kid

Los Angeles Actor headshots

Mayre Martinez:  Love Interest / Fashionista / Office Girl / Casual Mom

Los Angeles Headshot photography

Bradley Gosnell:  Silicon Valley / Professor / Best Friend / Guys’ Night Out

Top headshot photographers LA

Christiano Cochrane:  Backyard BBQ Dad / Anti Hero

Ryan Welsh:  Casual Dad / Upscale Business

Los Angeles Theatrical headshots

Meredith Jackson:  Quirky Office / Soccer Mom

Los Angeles Actress headshots

Michael Palmer:  Blue Collar / Middle Management


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  1. Linda B.

    Congratulations…I couldn’t be more happy for you. It’s totally well deserved!!


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