5 Headshot Preparation Tips

[Top Headshot Photographers Los Angeles by Vanie]

Here are a few tips on how to best prepare for your photo session!

  • Watch prime time TV for one week and find your “type” in all the TV shows and commercials. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to what your type wears and what your type’s hair looks like.
  • If you have an agent, be sure to get on the same page as your agent. Have a conversation with them about what marketing looks you think you should aim for. Ask if they agree or if they have any input.
  • Put together plenty of wardrobe options for your photographer to chose from, but never bring anything you wouldn’t want to wear! STAY AWAY from white, pastels and patterns which can be distracting. Don’t shy away from accessories that bring out your individuality.
  • TAKE CARE OF HAIR CUTS, trims and color at least two weeks before your session and never the day before. Should anything go wrong, you won’t be happy with your photos!
  • Be sure to get plenty of rest the night before so that your photos capture you on your best day!



Gihee Hong: Best Friend / Creative Professional / Girls’ Night Out

Lamar Andrews: Hip Friend / Edgy Hustler

Brooke Bradley: Hip Friend / Gamer

Kiana Thompson: Hipster / Creative Professional

Mike Bradecich: BBQ Dad / Lawyer or Detective

Lindsey Wilson: Fitness


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  1. Pete Springer

    Great tips, Vanie. Very useful info. And great photos, too.


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