Why Invest in Professional Headshots?


[Actor Headshots LA by Vanie]


Because when the casting community doesn’t already know you,

professional headshots are the key to getting you in the door.

Making the investment with a professional that understands industry standards not only gives you the proper marketing tools, but ALSO lets others know that you are serious about your craft.

It should also give you a return on your investment. When your headshots are strong from a technical standpoint as well as from a marketing standpoint,  then others will view you as a professional and give you the attention you DESERVE!

Below are some samples of professional headshots with various marketing looks.



Kelsey Peterjohn: Bohemian / Edgy tough / Office Girl

Rob Polonsky: Best Friend / Gamer

Alisa Rainin: Bully / Studious

Nathan Inzerillo: Gamer / Quirky Office / Blue Collar

Robin Mazer: Love Interest / Troubled Teen

Michael Collinsworth from top left: Biker / Blue Collar / Outdoorsy Grandfather / CEO


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  1. Detroit People Photographer

    I think an actor or model has to look at it as an investment in their future. It will pay out more than any other sort of market investment will. Good post Vanie.


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