How to Get in the Door as an Unknown

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We’ve all heard the cliche sayings, “it’s all in the eyes”

or “headshots are you on your best day” but for acting headshots to grab the attention of casting directors, there’s more to it than that.

headshots for men

Troy Forte: Office Guy / Anti-hero

Your Headshot Session should not be all about taking pretty pictures, a trap most novice actors fall into.  Acting headshots need to market you specifically for the “type” you’re auditioning for.

Your “type” or what I call “marketing look”  is based on the age range you fall into.  It’s best to narrow down your age range to about five to seven years because the more targeted the age range, the more specific the “types” become, and therefore the greater the chances of getting called in for an audition.

headshots for mature women

Stephanie Keefer: Bohemian /DA / BBQ Mom

perfect headshots

Sterling Jones: Guy Next Door / Edgy / Guy’s Night Out


if your age range is 18 to 24, your marketing looks may include All American Guy/Girl Next Door, or possibly Edgy, Edgy Hipster, Edgy Bad Boy/Girl etc.  Think Glee vs. Vampire Diaries.  If your age range is 38 to 43, your marketing looks may include Office Professional, Dad/Mom, Guy/Girl Next Door, Upscale Gallery Owner, Victim etc.

Casting directors generally don’t take the chance and bring in an unknown who has a beautiful headshot,

but one that  lacks a specific marketing look.  When the breakdown calls for “the victim being questioned by police…”, they will only call in the unknown actor whose headshot matches that of a victim.

Vibrant Headshots

Paige Elson: Hipster / Urban Hip

THIS IS BECAUSE when the casting community isn’t already familiar with your work, a headshot that closely resembles the type in the breakdown, gives casting reason to believe you can act the part!

Before going into a headshot session, by taking into consideration a range of marketing looks suited for you, not only will you give agents the proper tools with which to market you, but you will be one step ahead of your competition when it comes to getting in the door!

Marketing looks in the following headshots are marked underneath each photo.



business headshotsMarqui Maresca: Socialite / Lawyer

Jay P. Brown: Office Guy/ Urban Hip /Hero

Headshots for menCal Hunter: Best Friend / Hipster

Xochitle Romero: Gamer / Intern / Young Mom


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