Headshots for actors by Vanie Poyey


  1. To start, never call a headshot photographer without first looking at his or her portfolio online.  Make sure their website is modern and responsive, created for optimal viewing across a wide range of devices including mobile phones.  If so, this will tell you that the photographer is a professional, current, familiar with industry trends and not taking headshots on the side to fill an income gap.
  2. Next, look for consistency in his or her portfolio from men to women etc.  Make sure he or she can photograph both sexes equally well.
  3. Look for testimonials from trusted industry, as well as your peers, not only on his site but on social rating sites such as Yelp.   Make sure that the reviews you read are consistent indicating a consensus among your peers.
  4. Read the information on a photographer’s site.  Is he or she cold?  Is the photographer’s voice absent or do you get a sense of his or her personality?  Look for a warm and helpful personality on a site.  Does the photographer provide information that is useful to you such as resources or a Q&A section?  If the photographer’s voice is absent, then its likely that the photographer will also be absent and flaky.
  5. Look for industry professionals the photographer is recommended by.  If there aren’t any listed, the photographer may not be in the know on what makes an effective headshot for actors.
  6. Last but not least, after your initial impression of his or her website, give the photographer a call.  Is the photographer available and willing to get on the phone to discuss your needs?  Be sure to have a proper consultation and only then make your decision on who to shoot with.  After all nothing beats good ol’ fashioned conversation to make a sound judgement on someone’s professionalism and character.  That is truly the only way to know if you’ll, pardon the pun, “click”!


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