Do you have a competitive headshot?

author headshot photographers Los angeles

[LA Headshot Photographers by Vanie]

Compare your headshot

to headshots of friends that are auditioning and working.  Ask these friends to let you peek at their profiles on LA Casting or Actors Access.  You may notice differences between their headshots and yours.

Lori Wilson: Nosy Neighbor / Butch Friend / BoHo

Headshots Los Angeles

Jenny Caterina: Hipster / Love Interest / Heroine

FOR EXAMPLE,  you may notice the quality of their headshots are better, or perhaps they have clearly defined marketing looks casting directors can identify.

Phoung Kubacki: Upscale Business / Outdoorsy / Creative Professional

Hannah Scott: Heroine / Girls’ Night Out / Student

Ask yourself how much you’ve invested in your headshots.

Is your investment an investment in your career, or did you save a few bucks and let your friend take your headshots?  Have you properly thought through what your age range is along with your target market?

Chibuike Nwuda: Musician / Office Guy

DO YOU HAVE CHARACTER-SPECIFIC LOOKS, or are your headshots not specific?

Have you taken a “type me” class at places like Sam Christensen Studios, or worked with a career coach like Jona Xiao at Career ACTivate?

LA Acting Headshot

Elliotte Strange: Disney Girl / Studious Kid / Bully

author headshot photographers Los angeles

Rey Laredo: Office Guy / BBQ Dad

To be competitive, make sure you don’t cut corners with your headshots.   Pay a professional for quality that will stand out in a crowded market place and create a range of marketing looks that EASILY SPELL OUT your target market to casting directors.


Sabrina Kiepke: Customer Service / Best Friend Sidekick

Actor Headshot LA

Joel Martin-Cox: Blue Collar Dad / Hero / Upscale Business – CEO

Headshots for actors DetroitKat Bingham: BBQ Mom / Edgy Anti-Heroine


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