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Headshots Los Angeles

[LA Headshots for Actors by Vanie]


Backstage West asked a few photographers to give their input in an article titled “Los Angeles Photographers on What Makes an Effective Headshot.”   This was my little bit followed by a couple of headshots.


Your headshot should not simply be a pretty picture—a trap most novice actors fall into.

Instead, your headshots need to market you SPECIFICALLY for the type you’re auditioning for. Your type, or what I call “marketing look,” is based on your age range. For example, if your age range is 18 to 23, your marketing looks may include “all-American guy next door,” or possibly “edgy hipster” or “edgy urban,” etc.

The two photos I chose—while full of personality, something I aim to draw from actors by directing them—ALSO display very specific marketing looks. Sarah is clearly “the girl next door,” and Eduardo is clearly “the businessman.”

WHEN THE CASTING COMMUNITY isn’t familiar with your work, a headshot that closely resembles the type in the breakdown gives them reason to believe you can act the part and to call you in.

The following pictures are some examples of different looks!



Headshots Los Angeles

Cara Guglielmino: Gamer / Girl Next Door / Casual Business

LA Headshot photography

Mark Neely: FBI Agent / Casual Grandfather

Los Angeles Kids headshots

Luciano Leroux: The Good Kid / The Studious Kid / The Bad Kid 😉

Los Angeles Digital headshots

Robyn Flowe: Grad Student / FBI Agent

Top headshot photographers LA

Jason Lawrence Boggs: Blue Collar / Dumb White Guy (his label, not mine LOL)


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  1. Tom K.

    Pitch perfect advice from the best headshot photographers in the world. These photos are nothing less than brilliant.


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