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Over the years, I’ve heard all the nightmare stories, as well as all the praises.  The men and women on my website have used the services of a professional makeup artist that I’ve provided.  Because I’ve heard it all, I have VERY SPECIFIC criteria when working with a makeup artist to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Headshot Photographer LADanny Keary: Pimp / Best Friend

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Audrey Wasilewski: Working Class / Lawyer / Secretary

For one, I look at their work and make sure they are talented and meet with them before trying them out.

During the meeting, I hand them a list of preferences for headshot-appropriate makeup that agents want to see.  You’d be surprised how many people either overdo or don’t do enough makeup for headshots.

Little things like not using fingers to touch up under the eyes and prevent infections etc. are discussed as well.  You’d be surprised…

I like working with people who are professional and have an all-around good attitude.  I look for artists who really ENJOY what they do, like to have fun and are not eager for the shoot to end so they can leave.

Headshot Photographer Los Angeles

Ben Hermann: Hipster / Computer Tech

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Ben Buehler: Upscale Business / Hipster / Casual Dad

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Michael Sheets: BBQ Dad / Exec

PROFESSIONALISM, to me, means being on time and not using your time to chat on the phone or to text.  Being attentive to your needs, as well as being agreeable to your requests.

After all, we are providing a service for which you are paying, SO YOU’RE THE BOSS!  After makeup is applied, if you request any changes, my makeup artists will not get offended or give you a hard time!

During your shoot, they will be watching closely for a hair out of place, or wardrobe malfunctions, or touch ups that may be needed.

And, for you dark-skinned folk, I make sure to work with professionals who understand ALL skin types, won’t make you look ashy, and are mindful of the tonal variations on your skin!

The headshot examples throughout this blog display a range of makeup applied to all skin tones, old and young, male or female, white or black!


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