A Major Headshot Don’t is Now a Do

[Actor Headshots Los Angeles by Vanie]

It’s hard to believe, but the 80’s are back.

No I’m not talking fashion. I’m talking headshots.

There was a time when uniforms were frowned upon by casting directors. Now it seems more and more agents are asking for uniforms in headshots which means, casting directors are responding to them.

Tien Misler: Student / Edgy Heroine / Hipster

Micci Tolliver: Hip Musician / Edgy Upscale Business

Check out @taylorcasting explaining how she responds to uniforms in my story highlights on Instagram.

Go to ???? “TipOTheDay” and scroll through until you find the story with Taylor.

I can’t speak to the 80’s comp cards (in black and white with different uniforms) but…

I can tell you why I think this trend is back now.


Erica Hanrahan: Creative Professional / Bohemian / Edgy Heroine / Beverly Hills Housewife

eP Cho: Techie / Hip Musician

No it isn’t because casting doesn’t have any imagination. STOP BELIEVING THAT. We don’t want any negative thoughts making you a curmudgeon and impacting your career – negatively.


And when casting directors have to scroll through 5000 to 7000 thumbnails for one role, if you make it easy for them to identify the cop by wearing a cop uniform, naturally, you reduce friction.

And by reducing friction, you make it easy for them to see you as a cop. Quite literally. This lends itself to being called in for the cop role.

Sarah Shearburn: Tom Boy Sports Fan

Haeleigh Royall: Down and Out / Grad Student / Hipster

Matt Winton: Fraternity Student / Hip Love Interest

Los Angeles is a very crowded market.

Stubbornly putting your foot down and saying you draw the line at uniforms isn’t going to help your career.

Being “on the nose” is in right now. If you want to book security guard roles, wear a security guard uniform. If you want to book doctor roles, wear a doctor uniform.

So be sure to bring your uniform(s) to your next headshot session!

Cameron Place: Creative Tech / Suburban Dad

Pro Tip: One of my favorite clothing stores where you can find uniforms is called It’s a Wrap. If you know of any great uniform stores, please share it below. I’m sure your peers will appreciate it.

And that’s a wrap folks! ????

Adam Welton: Gangster / Coach / Upscale Business / Hip Urban DJ

Adam Welton’s Kids!


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