The Worst Thing You Can Do Before Headshot Day

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I received an email from a very panicked client

saying she is overwhelmed. This, the day before her photo session.

Adam Rodney: Jock / Anti-Hero / Suburban Dad

She said even though she listened to the podcast interview with me, watched a ton of videos by her coach, read all my blogs and looked through all my wardrobe samples, she has never felt so much stress and pressure around a photo shoot. She said she hadn’t gotten the support she had hoped for from her reps (in terms of suggestions) and that she was having issues with some of the clothing not fitting her and therefore she wasn’t feeling confident and prepared for her session.

You can probably guess the problem with this situation.

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Manuel Escobar: Best Friend / Michelle Oliver: Athletic

I couldn’t really help beyond all the materials I provided her weeks before her upcoming session with all kinds of suggestions (taking the place of help she needed from her reps) and samples. I certainly couldn’t go shopping for her right?

ALL I COULD DO WAS REPEAT EVERYTHING I HAD ALREADY SUGGESTED in the materials I sent to her but I’m sure it wasn’t enough to relieve her anxiety.

Mallory Fuccella: Boho Therapist / BBQ Mom / Hip Urban

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What I’m getting at is that the worst thing you can do to yourself is to leave all the prep work to be done the day before your photo session because for one, IF you have trouble finding outfits that match your looks, you won’t have enough time to shop.

More importantly, you need to plan for unforeseen circumstances

like a last minute audition that pops up where you have to memorize twenty pages the day before your photo session and you have to find time to do this around your day job. Or maybe your day job suddenly gets busy you have to work every day, five days a week, 8 hours a day leading up to your photo session. Do you see my point?

Sara Oliveri: BBQ Mom / Customer Service / Suburban Mom

Luke Schneider: Teacher / Nurse


As for my client, I was able to put her at ease when I saw her just by creating combinations with her wardrobe options she hadn’t previously thought of. I also have a closet with a random collection of clothing options for clients who forget certain items but I don’t have everything and I don’t collect every size.

Cecily Gish: Business Professional / Edgy Down & Out / Quirky Office Girl

So… this may seem obvious but the minute you book a headshot session, you should start creating your list of looks, start looking up outfits for each look and start putting together those outfits. If you don’t have the outfits, you should start shopping immediately. When you have your outfits together, even if you have a couple of weeks before your session, you should iron or steam everything, pick out accessories and then put everything in garment bags ready to go.

Do this not just for your own sanity and peace of mind, but also because busy photographers sometimes have a running waitlist. Should a last minute opening come up that aligns with your schedule, you’ll be ready (and able) to hop on that opening without stress!

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