Actors Headshots

by Vanie Poyey

I recently had a Birthday over the Holidays (turned 21 ;-)) and received a ton of Birthday wishes on Facebook.  Though there is something superficial about Facebook Friends wishing you a Happy Birthday, it still somehow feels good when people take a moment to do so.  I don’t have a huge social life so in a funny way it made me feel like people thought about me and I existed!

When I got back into the studio after the Holiday break, much to my surprise, one of my clients had sent me a Birthday card in the mail.  Yes an actual Birthday card snail mailed!  I felt so many things at once.  I was shocked that a client, almost a stranger, would take the time to purchase a card, write in it and mail it.  WOW, did it feel good. Obviously the information about my Birthday was available to them on Facebook but they chose to take wishing me a Happy Birthday a step further than everyone else.  Well I will now forever remember that client and forever be honored that they appreciate me.

What do you think would happen if you did the same with every Casting Director, Agent, and Producer you meet and friend on Facebook?  I can tell you one thing for certain, you won’t be just another actor looking for work.  You will forever be etched in their brain as someone who is thoughtful and willing to go the extra mile.  You will be remembered.  After all, isn’t that the point?

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[Returning Clients] Natalie Richter: Girl Next Door / Patrick J. Pieters: Urban Blue Collar

actress headshots

[Friend Session] Kelly Lynn Wilson / Erin Coker: Love Interest and Office Professional

headshots LA

Pat Patterson: Commercial Business / Teri Pluma: Victim

headshot Photographers

Teri Pluma: Upscale Wife

headshot photographer

[Friend Session] Renee Pezzotta / Stephanie Jones : Quirky Teachers

commercial headshots

Rachel Bahman: Girl Next Door / Edgy Hipster

Los Angeles headshot photographers

Amanda Hillsberg: Girl Next Door / Aaron Shand: Quirky Office

headshot photography

Shirley Hughes: Commercial Mom / Quirky Grandma

LA Headshots

Debra Mayer: Commercial Business / Sexy Vixen

headshots in LA

Heather Nichols: Sexy Leading Lady / Quirky Office

Hollywood Headshots

Ina LeReine: Business Professional / Brian Kong: Edgy Detective

actors headshots

Chas Galloway: Casual Office / Laura Kearsey: Edgy Hipster



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