The Headshot Photographer for Actors Who Refuse to Pose!

[Headshot Photographers in LA by Vanie]

Updated for 2023.

I do what I do because I want to help actors succeed.

I want to empower you with the tools you need to market yourself.  My goal is not to give you the most beautiful pictures you’ve ever taken…there’s plenty opportunity for that when you’re famous!

My goal is to give you images with life and not vacant stares.

My goal is to give you images that specifically showcase the range you have without pushing you against type.

My goal is to figure out your stereotype, your essence and to capitalize on it! 

I DO THIS BY CONSULTING WITH YOU, by directing you every step of the way, and by producing specific marketing looks that will help get you in the door.

I am a director, a photographer for the actor who refuses to pose!  Help your career by learning the value of marketing.

Did you know I have a whole list of resources for you? Click here to see it!

Then ask me how I can help.

Scroll down to view headshots of my clients and read the labels that describe the marketing look we achieved!  Comment here and tell us what you’ve been doing for marketing!



Headshots by Vanie PoyeyStephen Grove Malloy: Business Professional

actress headshotsDeborah Selby: Warm Mom / Jan Haley-Soule: Upscale Wife

headshots LABrad Abrel: Business Professional / Casual Dad

headshot LAReg Basco Hernandez: Guy Next Door / Commercial Office

headshot LAPeter Michael Dowd: Out on the Town / Corey Mirra: Blue Collar Worker

headshots in los angelesChristiana Rose: Girl Next Door / Love Interest

digital headshotsBrent Harvey: Edgy Bad Boy


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  1. Brent Harvey

    Vanie makes it so easy for an actor to feel relaxed in front of the camera and shows her intelligence of the industry by understanding who you are and how you need to express who you are in front of the camera, then captures it.

  2. Tom K.

    You are a virtuoso in the world of photography.


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